Tolerate | Find Restaurants Suitable To Your Dietaries
15 Aug 2019

A platform to help those with food preferences eat out confidently and safely


As the co-founders of TLRT Foods, we are proud to be a part of a company that aims to make eating out easier for people with an allergy, intolerance or lifestyle food choice (AIL) by working closely with restaurants and the hospitality industry, and developing cutting edge nutrition dietary technology. We head up a team of dietitians who work one-on-one with restaurants to review each menu item and all its ingredients. Our newly developed platform allows you to see only menu items that are suitable for your individual dietary requirements, removing some of the guess-work that comes with eating out.

At TLRT we believe eating out should be an enjoyable experience, and understand that for many people with a AIL, this is not necessarily the case. Stress, anxiety and embarrassment are just some of the experiences our patients describe to us when they eat out. We want to turn this all around and make eating out enjoyable again.

There is such a huge variety of delicious food on offer from incredible cafes and restaurants, and many of us take this enjoyable experience of eating out for granted. However, for the 1 in 3 Australians who need to change their food choices because of a food allergy, intolerance, or personal reason, it can be a daunting, and frustrating experience. While many places are now offering more gluten free, vegetarian and vegan food options on their menus, these are not the only dietary requirements that people have. And while it is great to see this trend of more inclusive menus growing, unfortunately, research has shown that even though food can be labelled gluten free on a menu, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is gluten free. And because of this, increasing demand for greater transparency of what is in meals, and the complex nature of AILs - the idea that has become TLRT was born!

As dietitians with extensive experience working with patients, in research and within industry, we understand many of the challenges faced by both consumers, and the food and hospitality industry alike.

Along with co-founders Adam Copolov and Matthew Rose, we set out to develop a solution to make eating out not only easier for those with an AIL, but also safer and more enjoyable. We also want to help restaurants and cafes not only provide great food to everyone, but also the right food that is suitable for anyone with an AIL.

And this is exactly what we hope our innovative business, TLRT, will do!

TLRT Foods is currently undertaking restaurant reviews, and is aiming to launch a consumer app within the coming months. Please stay in touch, and look out for our weekly blog through our website and our new restaurants coming on board which will be announced on our Instagram @tlrtfoods

Know your food.