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13 May 2022

Tolerate is Back!

PHOTO: Matt Rose

It’s been 5 years since we started our Tolerate journey, and we have come a long way in developing and pioneering the food allergy, intolerance, and lifestyle (AILs) space within the hospitality industry.

While we have been a bit quieter over the last two years, we are excited to provide an update on all the work we have been doing and to announce some of the exciting developments here at Tolerate.

2020/2021 provided unprecedented challenges for the hospitality industry, and here at Tolerate we acknowledged the changes brought about by Covid. Like many other businesses we made some tough decisions, including halting our expansion into cafes and restaurants in Melbourne, so they could concentrate on their basic survival. We knew we were pioneering the AILs space within the hospitality industry, and that we could continue to do this once the covid risk had subsided and the industry had more certainty, but for the time being we wanted to respect the more immediate challenges many were facing in the hospitality industry.

So, we stepped back from expanding into restaurants and cafes, and turned our attention to upgrading our technology.

We are now excited to announce we have achieved some major milestones in advancing our technology.

The Tolerate AIL database

We have expanded and refined our AIL database, the only one of its kind, to include over 150,000 AIL datapoints across thousands of ingredients. Developed by our expert dietitians with extensive experience in AILs, Dr Jaci Barrett and Melissa Adamski, our AIL database cross checks ingredients across more than 30 AIL categories.

Dietitian Portal

Over the years, our dietitians have spent a lot of time with chefs and restaurants conducting menu reviews and one issue we wanted to solve was the time it took to conduct a thorough, accurate menu review of all ingredients in dishes, including packaged ingredients. Our aim is for Tolerate to be in every restaurant, so that the 1 in 3 people with an AIL can eat out with confidence, so it needed to be scalable.

And so over the last two years we have developed our Tolerate Dietitian Portal. This portal integrates with our AIL database, allowing our dietitians to conduct efficient menu reviews and AIL analysis with restaurants. This means restaurants/cafés can be onboarded to the Tolerate app quickly without taking the chefs out of the kitchen for too long.

Listening to feedback from restaurants/cafes, chefs, the hospitality industry and people with AILs

Since we started we have spent a lot of time talking to both the hospitality industry and people with AILs, understanding the challenges and experiences of eating out from both sides. The Covid period has allowed us the time to reflect and refine our offerings to develop solutions that meet the needs of both the hospitality industry and their customers.

And don’t forget our app is available in the app store. We have been continuously updating and refining this due to feedback from our users and will continue to take your feedback on board. So don’t forget to get in touch with us to let us know what you need!

And so here we are now – the hospitality industry is getting back on its feet after Covid and we are right here beside them. Our new technology is ready to go and we are excited to be expanding. If you’re a restaurant keen to improve the ease with which consumers with AILs eat out, please contact us at If you’re a consumer, download the app, visit our website or use the QR codes in our existing restaurants.

Up next, we will provide an update on where you can find us in restaurants and cafes!

With best wishes

Jaci, Mel and Matt